pre-PWC FOKIDA 2015

The headquarters of the competition will be in the town of Itea, located on the northern shore of the Gulf of Corinth in the province of Greece known as Fokida. 


The competition is pre-PWC, FAI Cat.2 and will run in parallel with the Greek Championship 2015. The dates are from Sunday 21th June, 2015 to Saturday 27th. Saturday  20th will be an official training and registration day. The registration fee is 110€ increasing to 150€ after 8th of June.
Bank: Alpha Bank
Αριθμός λογαριασμού (Bank account): 242002002001692
IBAN GR85 0140 2420 2420 0200 2001 692
The name of our account owner is:
If they ask you for address, the address is:
The BIC code is:

While making the deposit please indicate your NAME and the word FOKIDA
For the bank commitions and expenses, the pilots who will tranfer the money to our
account they should choose the option "OUR" and not ''SHA''

Otherwise the bank commitions will be asked from pilots during registration in the HeadQuarter.

 Payment information will also be sent via email following registration.
 Apart from the competing pilots there will be the possibility for any pilots who would like to fly the tasks without competing with full use of transport to the Take-off and retrieve to H.Q. at Itea. This includes newer pilots who would like to fly shorter flights from the take-off. Pilots that will come only for one or two days in a weekend will be able also to use our vehicles. All pilots will receive the comp T-shirt, water, fruit and sandwiches for the days they will fly and information and advice about the places they could fly according to each day's conditions and their level skill. There will be a welcome party on Saturday 20/6 and a party with food and live music on  Saturday 27/6/2015 at the end of the competition. The days we are not flying because of bad weather (hopefully none) we will organize day trips to the sea and to the area around with buses and 9 seat vehicles. Alternatively there will be guided treks, like the ancient path from Delphi to Kirra, or sea kayak in the Gulf of Itea. 

Pilots' documents and equipment required during online registration:

- Valid FAI sporting license and CIVL number
- Pilot licence
- Signed Release of Liability Document
- Medical insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)
- Third party liability insurance covering paragliding (proof will be checked at competition registration)
- VHF radio 2m
- Certified helmet and rescue parachute
- Compatible GPS with cable for connection to PC


From Athens, Itea lies about 180 km to the west, taking about 2 hours. Starting headingin the direction Lamia/Thessaloniki for about 100km and at Kastro junction leave the highway following signs for Delphi-Arachova. After Livadia turn in the direction Itea-Desfina.
Βuses from Athens to Itea daily depart: 07.30/10.30/15.00/17.30 and Friday-Sunday there one more at 20.00
From Itea to Athens daily depart: 05.15/10.45/15/45/18.30
At weekend and instead of 05.15 there is a bus departs at 07.00
It is around 3 hours long trip by bus except the 20.00 from Athens that takes half hour less.
For booking tickets from Athens to Itea you can call at +302108317096, from Itea to Athens you can call +302265032336, but is very rare not to find a place in the buses even if you go there the last minute.
Here is their site

From Patras head for the bridge or ferry to cross to the north shore of the Gulf of Corinth then take the turn in the direction of Nafpaktos. After about 100 km you arrive at Itea. 
Travelling south from Thessaloniki to Athens, after about 300km take the highway exit from Lamia following signs to Patras/Amfissa/Itea. This will take you to Amfissa first and then, a few kilometres later, Itea. 


Camping sites:
Pilots can also stay at our special free campsite at the village of Ag. Efthimia, 7 km from Itea and just below the main take off of the same name. Tents can be pitched in the shadow of a pine trees at the base of the village. The site has toilets and cold water shower facilities.


The area offers many possibilities of things to do apart from flying. 
Itea is a town by the sea with many beaches inside and just out side the town. There are many hotels and a camping by the sea many cafe and tavernas and an ideal position for long walks by the sea.
The internationally famous ancient site of Delphi and its museum are only 15 min away from Itea or Amfissa 

Galaxidi 10 min west from Itea is a very beautiful coastal village with traditional very well maintained houses and nice beaches and shops. 
Chrisso is another nice traditional village at the foot of Parnassos mountain less than 10 min away from Itea Amfissa is the capital of the area, build amphitheatrically on a hill just below the ancient castle with its cyclopean stone walls. 
The site of Amfissa has been occupied for over 4000 years and, with nearby Delphi, is one of the more historical cities in the area. 
Agia Eythimia is a small village 7km from Itea and just under the main take off on Giona's east side. There are plenty tavernas providing traddition grilled meat and the specialite "provatina rips on coal" mainly from local shipkeepers
Sernikaki is a small village just outside of Amfissa with many rock climbs on cliffs just above the village. 
Arahova is a very well maintained mountain village at 1000m altitude 30 minutes from Itea or Amfissa and walking in its narrow streets is definitely worth the visit. 
Lidoriki is a pretty town by a lake on the west side of Giona's mountain at the south end of Vardousia mountain 50 min away from Itea or Amfissa. There are many things to visit and do starting from Lidoriki like visiting the waterfalls, caves with lakes, the higher step rock face in Balkan at Sikia village, the sunken village of Kalio in the waters of lake Mornos, whose houses appear and disappear as well as many nice small villages around the mountains and the lake. All the south part of the province of Fokida is by the sea and you can find many beaches to swim and villages to eat fresh local fish that small boats are bringing every day.

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